Infatuation LA: The Best Spot for Cheese and Charcuterie in LA- March 12, 2021

Milkfarm$$$$Deli in Eagle Rock

Much like developing late-onset lactose intolerance, no one gets to choose the moment they fall in love with cheese. Maybe you caught the bug after biting into a greasy, piping-hot pizza as a kid at Chuck E. Cheese, amidst all of the questionably sanitized ball pits and horrifying life-like animatronics. Perhaps you imprinted on Wallace and Gromit at an early age and became increasingly obsessed every time they uttered the beloved C-word? Or, maybe, you just like cheese because, you know, it’s cheese…

Whatever your reason for brie-lieving is (we promise that’s our last dairy pun), if you’re looking for some of the best cheeses in the city, plus some excellent cured meats to go along with it, here are ten great spots for cheese and charcuterie across LA.

Oh! And we even found you a little ten-hour cheese playlist to listen to. We may have spent too much time procrastinating on Youtube before writing this guide. Sorry.

Stocked with hundreds of award-winning cheeses from around the world, plus cases full of salumi, porchetta, pesto, and pasta, walking into this tiny Eagle Rock storefront is like entering a new, better world – one where the possibilities are endless and everyone suddenly knows the exact melting point of raclette. Overwhelmed by the amount of choices? Don’t know the difference between a semi-soft and soft-ripened cheese, or whether or not you like unpasteurized dairy? Worry not, their expert staff of cheesemongers is there to patiently help you make sense of their expansive selection. Make sure to grab a sandwich or two before heading out.