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February 2024 Eater Los Angeles- Melt with You: How to Throw the Ultimate Fondue Party

Milkfarm was asked to R&D the perfect Fondue Recipe for our friends at Eater! We were also asked to be models for the cheesy photoshoot! To see the full article, CLICK HERE.

It’s little wonder that fondue is the national dish of Switzerland, a country that knows from winter: On a cold night, few things are more cozy than a pot of wine-infused melted cheese. For a recipe worthy of any fondue pot, we turned to Leah Park, the owner and cheesemonger of Milkfarm, a beloved artisan cheese shop in Los Angeles’s Eagle Rock neighborhood. Park’s fondue is a showcase of glorious Swiss cheeses that she chose for the specific flavors they impart (see her tasting notes in the sidebar below), but if you can’t find all of them, you can play around a bit with substitutions — at its most basic, Swiss fondue is a mixture of Gruyere and Emmentaler cheese. (There are also French- and Italian-style fondues, but that’s another story.)

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June 2023 Culture Magazine: The Hotlist

The Hot List: 9 Cheese Stars to Watch

Susan Axelrod | June 9, 2023
This article is from: Summer 2023 (Hot List)

Cheesemaking is steeped in tradition, some of which extends back thousands of years. These ancient ways and the dedicated people who keep them alive are worth venerating, while at the same time it’s exciting to watch those blazing cheese trails in new directions. The following stories spotlight nine trailblazers whose contributions to the wide world of cheese are already impressive, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


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Wine Enthusiast- The 10 Most Iconic Cheese Shops in America- March 2023

There are several ways to determine what makes an iconic cheese shop worth a visit. And as with many things in food and wine, there aren’t simple answers. But, some guidelines can help you find the best cheese shop for your needs.

Cheese educator David Asher believes how a shop engages with its community is paramount. “A great cheese shop makes connections between the cheese producers and consumers, and tries to form a relationship between them,” he says.

This connection is part of a larger cultural shift to understand where and how our foods are made. “Cheese stores can act as a liaison between good farmers producing good cheese and their consumers,” he adds.

Additionally, cheese scholar Carlos Yescas says the difference between a good and a great cheese shop often comes down to what’s for sale and how it’s being sold. A retailer worth its salt will seek out products from cheesemakers that share its values. This could mean supporting independent local producers, sourcing rare international labels and hiring and training staff to become cheese experts. In doing so, these shops become community hubs of cheese exploration.

You’ll know a good cheesemonger when you meet them because they’ll be excited to talk to you about their products and to cut samples for you to taste, says Christine Clark, a writer and cheese educator.

Willingness to give samples is key, she adds. One person’s cheese preference may be different than another’s. Plus, cheese is a living product and can taste different each time you try it. “Whereas wine has vintages by year, in cheese, each day can be like a new vintage,” Clark says.


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The Food Network / Alex vs. America- Season 2, Episode 6/ Alex vs. Cheese

Host Eric Adjepong introduces three skilled chefs from California, Texas, and North Carolina to take on one of America’s favorite ingredients: cheese! The chefs strategize what ingredients to use to take a shot at knocking Chef Alex Guarnaschelli out of the top spot and test their abilities. Judges Michael Voltaggio and Leah Park Fierro’s decision will lead to one of the most unexpected winner announcements yet.

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Modern Marvels S18 E2 / Food: Cheese

Leah, owner at Milkfarm makes a guest appearance on this episode.

Things get cheesy when Adam Richman visits a central Pennsylvanian cheese maker with an award-winning mozzarella they insist on making the authentic Italian way. And you don’t have to tell grocery giant Kroger that cheese is big business–we see how they slice, shred and package over 2.5-million lbs. of cheese per week. Adam learns all the history, incredible facts, and amazing processes behind one of America’s most beloved foods!

To get a link to the episode CLICK HERE.

Find Out What Pairs Even Better Than Wine with Cheese – April 2022

Are you planning a wine and cheese pairing party? It’s always been a favorite event of mine to host because you can feel sophisticated and buzzed all at once. I recently tasted something that pairs even better than wine with cheese. Curious? I’m spilling the rice and beans below on how you can host a serious pairing party of your own.”

To read the rest of the article CLICK HERE.


Infatuation: The Best Restaurants in Eagle Rock- September 8, 2021

Eagle Rock is sleepier compared to nearby Highland Park, Glendale, and Pasadena, but this family-oriented neighborhood in Northeast LA still has a lot going on. It’s quiet, hilly, and lush, with a counterculture that dates back nearly a century. It’s also where you’ll find the largest Filipino-American population in LA, President Obama’s alma mater Occidental College, and a rock with an indentation that sort of looks like an actual Eagle. We love a straightforward name and we also love eating great food. Here are 12 spots to do just that when you’re in the area.

MilkFarm$$$$SandwichesCheese Shop in Eagle Rock

It’s possible you’ll catch a waft of cheese from the street, and accidentally end up spending 45 minutes inside Milk Farm. This cheese shop has a massive array of both American and European cheeses (there’s a map on the wall with pins marking where each producer is from) and charcuterie, plus a tiny fridge filled with a curated list of wine, beer, and cider. It’s a great place to stop if you need a last-minute gift or want to build a platter for the picnic you’re already late for. If you’re strolling in hungry for lunch though, go for their excellent pre-made sandwiches. The menu changes daily, but one thing you can always count on seeing is the signature grilled cheese with three different American cheeses, leeks, shallots, onions, and butter. It’s an absolute must-order.