Picnic Box

Picnic Box & Mini Picnic Boxes

Picnic Box
Each basic Picnic Box costs $50 and serves approximately two people if this is all you are eating and up to four people if there is a lot of other food to be shared!

Milkfarm creates ready-to-go Picnic Boxes. Perfect for the Hollywood Bowl, a picnic in the park, or outdoor festivals such as Cinespia and Street Food Cinema. Milkfarm Picnic Boxes include two pieces of cheese, one type of artisan sliced salame (or a 3rd cheese for vegetarians), olives, cornichons, seasonal fresh fruit or grapes, Marcona almonds, mini jam jar, a bamboo keepsake Milkfarm cheese spreader, and two mini Rustic Bakery Cracker packs. Napkins and knives are available upon request.

  • A Bub & Grandma’s Baguette can be offered for $5 more (Recommended if sharing this Picnic Box with more than 2 people).
  • Did you know we are famous for our Chocolate Chip Cookies with Jacobson Sea Salt?! At $2.50 each you can complete your meal.
  • Beer, wine, or additional gourmet food items (aka anything you want to add from our shop) are all available at retail cost.

The selection in the Picnic Box is Cheesemonger’s choice but all requests will happily be considered. More expensive requests will be at a supplemental charge.

Mini Picnic Boxes
Mini Boxes require a minimum of 8 pieces, each piece is $22. Mini Picnic Boxes may ONLY be purchased in increments of 8 pieces (ie, 8, 16, 24, 32). One box is enough for one person.

Milkfarm Mini Picnic Boxes include two pieces of cheese, one artisan salame (sliced), olives, cornichons, dried apricots, grapes, Marcona almonds, mini jam jar, and one mini Rustic Bakery Cracker pack.

*Unfortunately, due to packaging size constraints, the contents in this box are NOT customizable. Thank you for understanding.

Mini Picnic Box
Mini Picnic Box

** 24 hour advance notice is required for Picnic Box orders. Picnic Boxes ordered the same-day will incur a rush fee of $10 per our Rush Fee Policy. Thank you so much for your understanding and we look forward to making your event fantastic!

**Cancellation: No refunds will be given if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled pick-up. NO exceptions.