Three Cheese Board

Cheese + Charcuterie Boards (Party Platters)

Milkfarm creates beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards for your special event! We have several options to choose from. For sandwich inquiries, please call the shop directly.

General information about our boards:

  • *Please note: ALL platters/boards and Picnic Boxes are considered special orders.
  • Orders must be placed by 4pm for pick-up the following day.
  • We may be able to do same day orders or RUSH orders for a fee. Please see FEE SCHEDULE below.
  • Please do not email or Instagram-message us for special orders. Please call the shop during business hours and one of our Cheesemongers would be delighted to help you! (323)892-1068.
  • Boards are priced for pick up at Milkfarm.
  • We do not offer delivery.
  • We are currently transitioning from Milkfarm branded wood boards, to a more eco-friendly palm leaf board.
  • Unfortunately, we do not build on outside (personally owned) boards.
  • Unlimited amount of gourmet food items can be added at retail cost.
  • All cheese/ charcuterie preferences will be considered; more expensive cheeses/ charcuterie will incur a supplemental cost.
  • Every board comes with a bamboo spreader and Milkfarm name tags to identify cheeses.
  • $5/ $10 upcharge applies for orders that request no pâté, and substitutes all salami (Small Combo/ Large Combo respectively)
  • Salami can be added to Cheese Boards for a $5 “roll fee” (per every 1/4lb) , plus the cost of salami.
  • Service amount are based on 2oz of cheese per person which is great if there is other food at your event. If this is the ONLY thing your party will be eating, please consider that a Small Cheese Board may only serve about 6-8 guests.


Three Cheeses- $125, Serves up to 8-10 people

Four Cheeses- $145, Serves up to 10-12 people

Four Cheese Board

Four Cheese Board (Pictured on branded wood board. Please note we are transitioning to palm leaf platters)

  • Each cheese board comes with grapes, marcona almonds, 3oz cup of cornichons, 3oz cup of olives, mini jam jar, dried apricots, Dardiman’s fruit chips, and membrillo.
  • Cheese boards include 3 or 4 half-pound pieces of cheese.
  • 1 additional cheese can be added to the 4-Cheese at retail cost. If you require more than 5 cheeses, please order two boards.
  • Serving size is based on 2-3 ounces of cheese per person.
  • Serving size is based on plenty of other food being served in addition to the platter.
  • Each platter will have an assortment of tastes, textures, and milks.
  • Salami can be added to Cheese Boards for a $5 “roll fee” (per every 1/4lb), plus the cost of salami.


Serves 10-12 people.
The Charcuterie Board about a half pound each the following cured meats: pâté or truffle mousse, salami, and Speck (like a smoked Prosciutto). Accompaniments include cornichons, Dominico’s pesto or tapenade (based on availability), spicy dijon mustard, grapes and Marcona almonds.


Large Combo Board

Large Combo Board (Pictured on branded wood board. Please note we are transitioning to palm leaf platters)

SMALL- $125, Serves up to 8-10 people: 2-half pounds of cheese, 2- quarter pounds salame and pâté, dijon, cornichons, olives, grapes, marcona almonds, membrillo

LARGE- $165 Serves up to 18-20 people: 3-half pounds of cheese, 2- half pounds of salame and pâté, dijon, cornichons, olives, grapes, marcona almonds, membrillo


Each basket consists of one fresh Bub & Grandma’s (or Clark Street) baguette (sliced) and one box of artisan crackers from California (Gluten-free options available but may cost a bit more depending on the brand). Baskets are arranged crate that you may keep! We recommend one basket for a small cheese or charcuterie board, one additional basket (suggested) for each size board you increase.

*Ala carte baguette ($5) and crackers ($4-$10)  are available at cost.


  • All Special Orders must be ordered by 4pm for pick-up the NEXT DAY otherwise they will incur a Rush Fee
  • Same day requests are ALWAYS “rush orders”.
  • Same day requests CAN NEVER be guaranteed before 5pm pick-up. 


Picnic Boxes- $10
7 Days a week
For SAME DAY pick-ups
For next-day orders to be picked up before 5pm

Platters- $20
For SAME DAY pick-ups Monday to Thursday
Order Sunday for Monday
Order Monday for Tuesday
Order Tuesday for Wednesday
Order Wednesday for Thursday

Platters- $30
For SAME DAY pick-ups Friday to Sunday
Order Thursday for Friday
Order Friday for Saturday
Order Saturday for Sunday

**Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given for orders cancelled within 24 hours of event. No exceptions.