Raclette Night

Although Raclette Nights at Milkfarm have officially retired,
we’ve been known to take this event on the road in collaboration with our friends…so follow us on Instagram or sign up for our Newsletter to keep up-to-date with Raclette news!

https://www.facebook.com/TimeOutLA/videos/1514910128524140/Raclette—which comes from the French word ‘racler,’ meaning ‘to scrape’—originates from Switzerland, but we use Reading Raclette from Spring Brook Farm for our version, a cheese that is grass-fed and 100 percent raw (as opposed to pasteurized). The plate comes piled high with twice cooked fingerling potatoes, cornichons, fresh herbs, cracked pepper, plus a side of Dijon mustard. After the Raclette is heated—the massive, half-wheel of cheese bubbling under a broiler—it is then scraped off into an oozing, molten pile over the potatoes. If it sounds delicious, that’s because it is. It’ll leave you full, satiated with cheese and dreaming of the next Raclette Night.

To watch a fun video of Raclette by Timeout Los Angeles, click HERE.
*Raclette photo credit to Michael Juliano.

Hire Milkfarm to host a Private Raclette Night!

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