Catering Sandwich Box

Catering Sandwiches + Private Events

We are now offering cute, mini Milkfarm Sandwich Boxes (currently on Black Platters) for catering. Our sandwiches are always made on Bub and Grandma’s bread and are individually wrapped “Milkfarm-style” with paper and twine. Each Sandwich Box (Platter) comes with 24 pieces (each piece is half the size of a regular Milkfarm sandwich). Each Box can ONLY contain one type/flavor of sandwich. These are for pick-up only, as we do not offer delivery.

Baguette Sandwiches, 24 pieces, $155* per box:
1. The HBB: French Ham, Brie, Herbed Butter, Cracked Pepper
2. The Claudine: Wine Cured Salami, Gruyere, Fresh Cucumber, Herbed Butter, Cracked Pepper
3. Jamon Serrano: Brie, Fig Jam, Marcona Almonds (optional), Greens
4. Truffle Salami: Wine Cured Salami, Truffle Cheese, Truffle Butter, Greens and Olive Oil
5. Prosciutto: Brie, Fig Jam and Greens

Baguette Sandwiches, 24 pieces, $165* per box:
6. Prosciutto or Salami Italiano: Italian Cheese, Domenico’s Foods Sun-dried Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and Greens with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
7. Chorizo Salami: Spanish Cheese, Fried Tomato Sauce, Mama Lil’s Pickled Peppers, Cilantro, Greens, Herbed Butter
8. Country Pâté: Garlic Aioli, Gruyere, Cornichons, Fresh Herbs, Greens and Dijon
9. Ham & Swiss: French Ham, Gruyere, Garlic Aioli, Cornichons, Fresh Herbs, Greens and Dijon
10. Mortadella: Cheddar, Garlic Aioli, Pepperoncini, Fresh Herbs, Greens, Dijon
11. Vegetarian: Beets, Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Olive Oil, Greens, Herbed Butter

Focaccia Sandwich, 24 pieces, $190* per box:
1. Muffaletta: Salami Rosa or Mortadella (both contains nuts, based on availability), Muffaletta Mix (chopped olive salad from Louisiana), Fresh Mozzarella, Greens, Garlic Aioli, Olive Oil

*All Sandwich boxes will be charged an automatic 15% gratuity.
**Sandwiches MUST be ordered 72 hours in advance. We use fresh bread from Bub & Grandma’s and baguettes take two days to make and three days to preorder.
** Modifications politely declined.

For regular, full-sized sandwiches or smaller quantities, you may come to the shop and order from the daily offering at 11am. Please keep in mind that the sandwich menu changes every day and we only make a limited amount per day. We sell out when we sell out.



PARMIGIANO REGGIANO CLASS- Invite your friends to your house or office and enjoy one of our best educational classes! A detailed slideshow presentation of how cheese is made, including the science and European/US regulations on cheese. Sensory tasting of Parmigiano Reggiano and Q&A to follow.

Cost for basic lesson: $1000 plus $2 per attendee (for an unlimited amount of people). Basic lesson includes detailed slideshow presentation (approximately 45 minutes), tasting, and sensory exploration of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

If you would like us to bring a FULL 85lb wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano and conduct a LIVE cracking, we can do so for an additional $500 plus purchase of a minimum of 1/4 of the wheel (*approximately $900 for Solo di Bruna of Vacche Rosse) that we can cut and portion for your guests to eat and take home. This option is highly recommended, as this is the complete version of this class. ($2 per person fee listed above will be waived if opting to purchase a 1/4 wheel).

Distance: Free for up to 5 miles from Milkfarm, $5 for every mile beyond
*Price of cheese fluctuates with milk/cheese prices
**Contact us for more information as well as available dates and times.