This tagged post from @ameruu made me so? happy the other day so I’d thought I’d share it with everyone. It really made me think about what it took to have the items pictured in this watercolor that this artist so lovingly captured and I thought I’d share it with you all… I drove around for 10 months everyday to find the neighborhood and building that we are in. The name took me countless scraps of paper and getting opinions from everyone I knew. The logo came to me while running along Orange Grove from my small 1bd apt at 10pm and my friends Kristina suggested the fonts and Eriko brought my ideas to life. Kate helped me pick out colors to paint the walls. I went to an awning company to thoughtfully chose the stripe width, color and even cut of the overhang for the awning. Christine gave me the name of her “sign guy” and we worked on giving the building a face. Greg built the bench out front our guests could enjoy people watching in Eagle Rock! I stood at Restaurant Depot and stared at the wall of packaging and decided on a #3 white box to hold the contents of what I envisioned would be the perfect snack for the Hollywood Bowl. The artwork even captured the way we arrange the cheese & charcuterie in the box which takes a lot of Cheesemonger training….the rolled salami is on point It took a village. And now it takes an awesome crew to keep it running and supportive customers to keep the doors open. Thank you to everyone who makes this little ? cheese shop go ’round. ? & : @ameruu 5/23 #milkfarmlunch 1)FRENCH HAM: brie, butter, cracked pepper on baguette 2)SMOKED PORK LOIN: sundried tomato fennel relish, smoked mozzarella, fontina, herbs and greens on ciabatta 3)MORTADELLA: garlic aioli, pickled peppers, cheddar, greens and dijon 4)GENOA SALAMI: olive tapenade, oven roasted tomatoes, greens, basil and mozzarella on foccacia 5)GRILLED CHEESE. COOKIES.