Nothing says “exceptional” like a wax seal? Pecorino di Rocca is dense, yet flakey with sweet, walnut notes. A tasty table cheese to pair with white wine light redon this ? beautiful day! 4/24 #milkfarmlunch 1)CLAUDINE: Genoa salami, cucumber, herbs, swiss and cracked pepper on baguette 2)ASPARAGUS:caramelized onion, fromage blanc, egg, lemon artichoke tapenade, greens, herbs on baguette 3)SMOKED CHICKEN MELT: tart cherry mostarda, fontina, smoked mozzarella and butter on cibatta 4)GRILLED CHEESE 5)MAC AND CHEESE 6) BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN: Hook’s 2 year, pickled red onion, oven roasted tomatoes, butter leaf lettuce and dijon on ciabatta. Cookies