February 2024 Eater Los Angeles- Melt with You: How to Throw the Ultimate Fondue Party

Milkfarm was asked to R&D the perfect Fondue Recipe for our friends at Eater! We were also asked to be models for the cheesy photoshoot! To see the full article, CLICK HERE.

It’s little wonder that fondue is the national dish of Switzerland, a country that knows from winter: On a cold night, few things are more cozy than a pot of wine-infused melted cheese. For a recipe worthy of any fondue pot, we turned to Leah Park, the owner and cheesemonger of Milkfarm, a beloved artisan cheese shop in Los Angeles’s Eagle Rock neighborhood. Park’s fondue is a showcase of glorious Swiss cheeses that she chose for the specific flavors they impart (see her tasting notes in the sidebar below), but if you can’t find all of them, you can play around a bit with substitutions — at its most basic, Swiss fondue is a mixture of Gruyere and Emmentaler cheese. (There are also French- and Italian-style fondues, but that’s another story.)