Blanc bleu is a delectable goat’s milk cheese with a deceiving name. While “bleu” might lead you to believe this is a blue cheese, it actually refers to the naturally occurring blueish mold that develops on the rind. Blanc Bleu hails from the Pays de La Loire region of France. This flavorful cheese harmonizes its fudgy, chalky texture with a mineraly, salty, and goaty bite. The dense paste melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more ~~~ 8/18/17 #milkfarmlunch VEGGIE: avocado, oven roasted tomatoes, cucumber, walnut pesto, herb butter, greens, & holey cow cheese on ciabatta • WHITE BEAN: Domenico’s Tuscan Chipotle White Bean spread, oven roasted, tomatoes, greens, & Pilota cheese on ficelle • SPECK: savory fig jam, greens, Fromager D’Affinois, & extra virgin olive oil on ficelle • SALAMI: lardo, roasted hazelnuts, greens, & honey on ficelle • SIGNATURE GRILLED CHEESE