September 7, 2018 – LA Weekly, Five Great L.A. Cheese Shops

At this point in history, when people brag about how many grams of fat they’ve crammed into their day (because macros or something?) and avoid carbs as cautiously as we avoided fat in the ’90s, it’s a really good time to be a fan of cheese — nature’s power bar, loaded with fat, protein and minerals. But cheese is more than its calories — it’s fun, it’s tradition, and it’s connection. Mention cheese to most people, and their eyes will light up and their stomachs start rumbling. Throw a photo of cheese up on Instagram and you’ll be showered in likes. And, with so many independently owned cheese shops in L.A., staffed by earnest, cheerful cheese professionals (called mongers), there’s really never been a better time to run out for a cheese snack. Whether you want to call it your new keto diet, supporting local business or simply treating yourself, we support you wholeheartedly and offer five of our favorite cheese shops in Los Angeles County for your immediate pilgrimage.


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