August 24, 2016 –

For that small town feel just a hop north and a skip east of DTLA …

Eagle Rock is an enclave of Los Angeles where the pressures and anxieties found elsewhere in the city don’t seem to apply. Judging by the community’s pleasantly lethargic, small town feel, some might be surprised to learn that the northeastern enclave was named the second hottest neighborhood in the country by Redfin in 2014.

After exploring the cozy town, which spills into neighboring Highland Park, you will fall head over heels for local, beloved businesses run by people who actually like their jobs. You know that actor/barista rudely checking her text messages for an update from her manager while you wait to order? She isn’t in Eagle Rock. Instead, you’ll find young families, artists and average Joes who actually mean it when they ask how you’re doing.
Think modern hobby shops, preserved neighborhood dining gems and new, upscale options stripped of the pretension that sometimes accompanies neighborhood patriotism. And for a small town, Eagle Rock has made some pretty big ripples, especially on the silver screen. Good Will Hunting was written in Eagle Rock. Tom Cruise’s character from Days of Thunder is from Eagle Rock. Star Trek III, Top Gun, Reservoir Dogs and Beverly Hills Cop each had Eagle Rock cameos.
Amazing film location aside, Eagle Rock is a place where creativity and honest work go hand in hand. A place where there’s no need to worry about what time it is, because hey, what’s the rush? Make your way with ease through the crown jewels of comfy little Eagle Rock and find out the where to eat, drink, shop and stay.
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