Jacob Rodriguez- Cheesemonger + Chef

Jacob attended culinary school in San Diego. During his residency he Cheesemongered at Venissimo Cheese in Mission Hills and Downtown San Diego.  He was the Sous Chef at Cafe Chloe were he develop their charcuterie program, focusing on house-made sausages, a variety of terrines, rillettes, and offal meat preparations. A stint at Blind Lady Ale House allowed him to start pairing some of San Diego’s great beers with their seasonal pates and sausages.  As the opening Sous Chef of The Lion’s Share, an exotic meat-centric bar and restaurant. He took charge of their cheese selection, house made compotes, jams and accouterments, house made pates, pickles and mustard.

Milkfarm looks forward to having his chef expertise and his house-made charcuterie to sell and serve!