Large Combo Board

Cheese + Charcuterie Boards (Party Platters)

Milkfarm creates beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards for your special event! We have several options to choose from. For sandwich inquiries, please call the shop directly.

General information about our boards:

  • 24hr advance notice is required for all special orders.
  • Boards are priced for pick up at Milkfarm.
  • Delivery is not available at this time. If you would like to schedule your own courier service you can try Scoobeez or Accurate Express.
  • $50 deposit is charged in advance for use of every custom branded, maple serving board. Boards must be returned WITHIN 2 weeks to receive a refund of any kind. No exceptions.
  • If you choose to keep the wood board, an additional $50 will be charged to your card, as each board retails for $100 total. Once this charge is applied, there will be no refunds of any kind and the board(s) are yours to keep. No exceptions.
  • Sleek, black catering (reusable) plastic trays can be used rather than the wood boards at a cost of $5. These do not have to be returned.
  • You may bring in your own board if you choose not to use our Milkfarm maple board. Personal boards must be brought in at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Unlimited amount of gourmet food items can be added at retail cost.
  • All cheese/ charcuterie preferences will be considered; more expensive cheeses will have a supplemental cost.
  • Every board comes with Milkfarm name tags to identify cheese/charcuterie


  • Each cheese board comes with grapes, marcona almonds and membrillo.
  • Cheese boards include 3, 4, or 5 half-pound pieces of cheese.
  • Serving size is based on 2 ounces of cheese per person.
  • Serving size is based on plenty of other food being served in addition to the platter.
  • Each platter will have an assortment of tastes, textures, and milks.

3 cheeses- $60, Serves approximately 10-12 people

4 cheeses- $75, Serves approximately 14-16 people

5 cheeses- $95, Serves approximately 18-20 people

Choose a theme: American/ Italian/ French/ Swiss/Spanish/ All Around the World

Or choose your own cheeses, supplemental charge may apply if your desired cheese is priced higher.


Serves approximately 10-12 people.

Charcuterie Boards are beautifully arranged on maple wood boards.  It includes one pate/mousse, two types of artisan cured meats, cornichon, olives, spicy dijon mustard.


$75- approx 10-12 people: 2-half pounds of cheese, 2- quarter pounds salame/pate, dijon, cornichon, olives, grapes, marcona almonds, membrillo

$110- approx 18-20 people: 3-half pounds of cheese, 2- half pounds of salame/pate, dijon, cornichon, olives, grapes, marcona almonds, membrillo


Each basket consists of one fresh Bread Lounge baguette (sliced) and one box of artisan crackers from California (Gluten-free option available). It is arranged in a handmade, wood branded, Milkfarm crate that you may keep! We recommend one basket for a small cheese or charcuterie board, one additional basket (suggested) for each size board you increase.

(Pictured above: Large Combo Board + Bread and Cracker Basket)

**Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given for orders cancelled within 24 hours of event. No exceptions.