The Milkfarm Team

Leah Park Fierro– Owner + Cheesemonger + Pastry Chef

Leah was born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up watching Julia Child,  How to Boil Water and Yan Can Cook. She has worked in many aspects of the food industry since her first job scooping ice cream at the age of 15.

Leah attended the prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 1999, while simultaneously working in garde manger/pastry at  Jeramiah Tower’s acclaimed restaurant, Stars Bar and Dining. She completed her pastry internship at Caneel Bay Resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands and upon her return to California, landed a job as part of the opening team in the pastry department of the new Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. There, she worked extremely hard in all aspects of the pastry department and became a Department Trainer. Leah later transferred to open The Ritz Carlton Boston and was the pastry lead of the fine dining room called “The Dining Room”. Thereafter, she worked in Beverly Hills at The L’ermitage Hotel where she also became Employee of the Quarter for the culinary department.

Leah was recruited to be the Assistant Pastry Chef/Acting Pastry Chef of the Regent Beverly Wilshire. During that time she was sent to open yet another hotel, The Four Seasons Palo Alto. After this satisfying career, Leah left her last pastry job to backpack solo around the globe for a year, sampling each country’s culinary differences and gaining innumerable life experiences.

Upon return from her travels, Leah yearned to find an independent shop similar to that she had experienced in so many places around the world. She found The Cheese Store of Silverlake, where she cheesemongered and managed for 6 years. During this time, she worked under Chris Pollan (previously of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills), attended the American Cheese Society Convention, and worked with fellow Cheesemongers and Artisan producers to learn the trade to the best of her ability.


Milkfarm is a collaboration of Leah’s heart, soul, work and life experiences. This is her first business and she can’t wait to share her love for cheese and artisan food with the local community.  Leah is especially grateful to be in such a diverse and family-friendly neighborhood of Eagle Rock, where she also resides with her husband and 17  year old beagle. She is happy to say that she has achieved her dream job of being a business owner in the culinary field.

Leah knew she wanted to be in the food business at a very early age, as her favorite toys as a child were a cash register, fake food and mini kitchenette. Her and her childhood friend “opened” a restaurant called Jose and Leah’s Famouse Foods (yes, spelled incorrectly), where they forced terrible concoctions onto their parents.  “My mom thought it was weird that her (Asian) kid could love cheese so much. She used to say, ‘You know you’d be 10 pounds lighter if you didn’t eat so much cheese!’ I guess those early years of sticking a Kraft Single in the rice cooker has finally paid off…my own cheese store!”



Devra Golden – Cheesemonger

After having a little too much fun at art school, Devra thought that she might have taken a wrong turn through the Richard Serra sculpture and accidentally walked away with a degree in bologna. Never one to miss an opportunity, she naturally turned her skills toward the food industry. Balancing her time over the last couple years working as a vegan baker and bacon-wrapped donut maker (not usually at the same time), she has officially made room for a pastry brush next to her brights and filberts.

Early in the summer of 2014, her wandering feet took up their old habits and she found herself upon the doorstep of Milkfarm. The delectable treats and warm community lured her inside. Once again at the beginnings of a new frontier, Devra is excited to immerse herself in the world of cheese and learn the fine art of cheesemongering.



Melody Dahlgren – Cheesemonger

Melody was born with an insatiable love of cheese. She grew up in Santa Cruz, California and moved to L.A. to attend Occidental College. She graduated in 2016 with a major in Politics and a minor in Art History.

She enjoys traveling, dancing, re-creating famous works of Renaissance Art, and of course…EATING (a lot)! Melody was lucky enough to travel to Quickes Cheese in England to milk cows, and to Spain to make Leonora cheese. She plans to travel even more in the future and to help create positive change in the world, but for now she’s peddling the finest cheese in town!



Alyssa Trulson – Cheesemonger + Parmigiano-Reggiano-Cracking-Queen

Alyssa was born in Massachusetts, into a family of chefs and educators and all-around lovers of fine food. She looked forward to every big family holiday, mostly to get to sample the impressive cheese boards that were always on the table. This intense love of cheese followed her to California ten years ago & helped to land her first job behind the cheese counter at Whole Foods Market. She quickly worked herself up into becoming the store’s Cheese Buyer, and then the store’s Beer Buyer, as well.

After 5 years with the company, Alyssa was ready to take a step outside of her comfort zone & accepted a job as a sales rep for a San Diego brewery. She jumped into the role head-first but found herself missing the cheese world, which led her straight into Milkfarm. A fan of all things fermented (cheese, beer, wine, etc), Alyssa is thrilled to be in a local shop that celebrates them all (with cheese being the superstar, obviously).


Liana_KindlerLiana Kindler – Cheesemonger + Taco Aficionado

Liana has had a love for food and culture for as long as she can remember. Raised in a suburb of the widely diverse San Gabriel Valley, she was thrust into a vast array of cultures, mainly through food experiences, whether it be trips to 99 Ranch Market, late night taco truck runs, or stopping to get pho with her friends. Needless to say she quickly fell in love with food. 

Liana attended UCLA studying Psychobiology, and during the summer of 2016, she decided it was finally time to get her foot in the door of the food industry, so she started working as a summer intern at Milkfarm, where she learned some tricks of the trade while slingin’ cheese. She graduated in 2017 and happily scurried back to Milkfarm to cheesemonger full-time, sometimes even serving as an in-house “scientist”/expert in proteolysis (See mom, that degree really was worth it!)